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About Berlian Arts

Our expertise and collaborative qualities have established Berlian Arts as easy and exciting to work with. Our reputation rests upon our approach: clear goals, creative methodology, innovative solutions and demanding quality. Organization and a profound understanding of processes give us the time discover new possibilities while remaining true to goals.

The Foundation


Photography is the cornerstone of Berlian Arts. Robert Diamante began working with jewelers and craftspeople in the early 1990’s and founded Diamante Photography in Portland, Maine. (1996). He photographed the works of well-known artisans throughout the US and Canada. After photographing the John Hardy product line for Fall 2007 he was invited to run their international media program located in Bali, Indonesia. In 2008 Diamante returned to the US and reestablished Diamante Photography with expanded strategic and creative services for his clients.


What’s in a name?


Diamante Photography was changed to Berlian Arts (berlian is Indonesian for diamond or diamante) in 2010 continuing the tradition of supporting artists who specialize in handmade works of art. Berlian Arts offers digital photography, web design and strategic development. Web Developer and CAD artist Nick Thompson has since 2013 innovated additional creative channels for artist-based businesses including e-commerce and CAD-based product development. The mission of Berlian Arts is to provide world-class photography and strategic solutions to grow client revenue. Robert Diamante continues to helm the business and consults with companies in the capacity of project manager applying strong skills in marketing, strategy and organization. Read more about Diamante here.




For well over a decade, Diamante Photography made its home in downtown Portland, Maine, one of the most exciting and visited cities on the East Coast. After establishing Berlian Arts, the expanding business relocated to the historic Dana Warp Mill in the revitalizing town of Westbrook just beyond the western border of Portland. The renovated warp mill rests along the banks of the Presumscot River as it winds its way to Casco Bay. The Saccarappa waterfall, which once powered the mill’s textile machinery, provides the steady sound of flowing water that is both relaxing and inspiring. The views are spectacular in any season.The studio consists of a gallery space, a jewelry shooting facility, offices for client meetings and a large private studio that is leased out to jewelers.


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