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Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered below:

What is Berlian Arts?

Berlian Arts is a creative services company located in Maine. Our specialty is within the jewelry industry and we provide photography, web design, graphic services and strategic consultation. Berlian Arts was formerly known as Diamante Photography (founded in 1996). The name was changed to in 2010.

What exactly is marketing, and is it for me?

Just about anything you do to promote you and your business is marketing, from passing out a business card at a cocktail party to taking out ads in print publications to deep diving into SEO for your e-commerce website. This includes everything else like social media, sponsored posts, mailing postcards–you name it. The intensity of your marketing efforts has a direct affect on your business’s name recognition, which can lead to sales. There are so many factors to creating a really effective marketing effort, and much of it boils down to your budget. But there are other things you can do that are smart and that we here at Berlian Arts consider “baseline” must-haves before you can even think of expanding your marketing efforts. Contact us to learn more.

What if I only need Photography and no other services?

We run our various departments independently. If Photography is what you need, that is fine with us. Photography is the cornerstone of our business, and we do that efficiently well. Likewise, you can take advantage of other aspects of our business independently, such as CAD or Web Design. Some of our most successful relationships are with those who do use our spectrum of services as it helps to maintain consistency and a clear voice across your business.

How much advanced booking is recommended for photoshoots or other projects?

For most photography projects 1-3 weeks advanced booking is recommended. For websites and other creative services time frame is dependent on the scope of project and the status of our current projects.

What is your average turnaround time?

For photography you can expect to see digital proofs within 5 business days from the day we receive your work. You can expect to receive notice that your work has been shipped back to you within 1-2 days of your approval of the images. NOTE: High-volume jobs and high-valued items are given priority and may affect usual time frames. We honor deadlines if we know them ahead of time.

Websites and other creative services requite greater turnaround, which is dependent on the scope of the project and the number of revisions. On average, a portfolio site that is well-organized (and where all the material is collected in time) can take 2-4 weeks. An e-commerce site can range from 1-3 months depending on the sophistication of the design.

What do I include in the box with my artwork?

Please include: a completed Work Order Form downloaded from the website; an inventory sheet that itemizes the pieces you have included; any special instructions regarding the handling and photography of your work. Include check or money order with your shipment. If you plan to pay with a credit card we require payment prior to the return shipment of your work or the upload of your files.

How do I pay?

Payment is required before any portion of your work is shipped back. Please include a check or money order when you ship your work to us. If you are paying by credit card we will send you an invoice with your proofs, and you may pay directly online.

How should I ship my work?

We recommend U.S. Postal Service Registered Mail to the P.O. BOX address listed on the Work Order Form. If prefer to use another carrier (such as UPS or FEDEX) a street address we will be provided ONLY after confirmation of your booking and when the pieces are ready to be shipped. Never ship your work without making an appointment.

What happens when you receive my work?

Your box will be opened and inspected to ensure all the contents are intact. Each piece will be matched with the inventory sheet you provide. After your instructions are read you will either be called or emailed if any clarification is necessary.

Will I see proofs before the work is returned?

1-2 days after your photoshoot you will receive via email a PDF file of images from your photoshoot. THESE IMAGES WILL BE UN-RETOUCHED. This proof will ensure that all of your instructions and criteria provided prior to the photoshoot have been met. Upon approval, your work will be retouched (usually within 1-2 business days) before uploaded. Please see our reshoot policy below.

My images look out of focus!

We haven’t remained in business for years supplying out of focus images! There are definitely factors that may cause an image to look pixilated or out of focus. Reach out to us immediately and we will assist you to get onto the correct file pathway and retrieve your high resolution (and totally in-focus) images.

What is your reshoot policy?

If all instructions and criteria you provided prior to the photoshoot have been met, and you request additional photography or a reshoot, charges will apply. We will take responsibility if any portion of your instructions were not followed. Reasonable artistic license should be expected from our studio and is precisely why people choose to work with us.

How will I receive the final retouched images?

After you have approved the proofs and the images are retouched a link will be sent to access your profile archive. From that link you will be able to download your images. Berlian Arts creates a customer profile for all of the people we work with, and you can access your archive by going to the Archive section in the Client Lounge on the website. In the archive will be several folders including hi-resolution TIFF files, JPEG files. Other subfolders are pre-loaded into your archive folder (WEB, for instance) which allows us to organize all jobs we do for you in a neat and orderly way. If you have requested any additional formatting (e.g. Juried Art Services or Zapplication) these files will be included in separate folders.

What if I need my images quickly, but not the work (or visa versa)?

Schedule allowing, we can turn images around in a short amount of time for a rush fee. Please inquire before sending your work. If you need your work back before the images we will promptly expedite the shipment after your proofs are approved. For a small fee we will directly upload your images to online application sites such as Juried Art Services or Zapplication.

How will my work be shipped back to me?

We return ship USPS Priority mail unless you have otherwise indicated on the Work Order Form. There is also a section where you can indicate the amount of insurance to apply to the return shipment. Our standard return shipment charges include a handling fee. If you utilize a third-party insurer (such as Parcel Pro) please include all the necessary paperwork.

I cannot locate images from a previous photoshoot!

If we have worked with you from 2006 to the present it is likely we have a digital record of your work in our archives. Older jobs are likely to be archived on CD (archive retrieval from CD is subject to a fee). Your archived jobs are accessible though the Archive section in the Client Lounge on our website. Contact us if you unable to login.